Captivating Bohol

Bohol is located at the Eastern part of Visayas, it’s 1hour and 45 minutes flight from Manila and 1hour and 30 minutes via ferry boat if you’re coming from Cebu. Bohol is well known for its diving spots, pristine white beaches, man-made forest, tarsier and of course the majestic Chocolate Hills. Panglao Island and its capital Tagbilaran are the 2 well known places to visit.

My friends and I  had our chance to explore Bohol. We stayed at Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island. It is located on top of the cliff so you’ll get the chance to see the breathtaking wonders of the place. Everything is nature inspired and that makes it as a perfect spot for relaxation. They are into organic farming and bee cultivation and aside from the resort and restaurant they also offer livelihood programs to it’s local residents.

Mrs. Victoria Wallace is the owner of the place. She is a Filipina and was married to an American. After her husband died, she went back home to her country and started this business.

The Buzz Cafe

The Buzz Cafe offers a wide range of natural and organically grown food and what really caught my taste buds is the fresh flower salad. I felt like a “Bee” while eating. I was so amazed because it is new for me, Honestly I have no idea that flowers like Roses, Gumamela and the like is edible. They serve it with Honey Mustard Dressing. They offer different kind of spreads and the most popular is of course the honey spread. They have Tablea (Cocoa Tablets), Corn coffee, Herb Bread, Squash Muffins, Vegetable Lasagna and wide array of fresh juice.


Fresh Flower Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

There are lots of things to see and activities to try in Bohol which includes old churches, national museums and national parks. You can do spelunking, island hopping, diving, and many more..

Hinagdanan Cave, a small underground lake surrounded by stalactites.

bohol 2

Inside of Baclayon Church.


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