Budget Travel Guide: Melaka (Malacca)

Rich in history and culture, Melaka is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site last 2008. It is situated at the southern part of Malaysia and few stones away from Singapore which made it as one of the “to go” place for a weekend getaway.

Here is a guide for a Free and Easy trip to Melaka. Since we are travelling on a budget, looking out for a cheap deal is our thing. Hope this can help you in planning your trip as well.

How to get there? You can bring your own car and drive to Melaka if you are travelling with family or big group or you can book your bus ticket to BusOnlineTicket.com. You can get your tickets for as low as $17 one way or $33 for a luxury coach. Timing will not be problem, buses usually departs Singapore every 15 minutes. Pick up and drop off point is also island wide. It’s a 3 and half hour journey so make sure to bring snacks on your journey.


As we stroll around the area by Trishaw, the uncle driver was kind enough to tell us about the history of Melaka. He mentioned that this lake serves as a partition during the 15th Century. One side was colonized by the British, and the other side was under the Portuguese/Dutch.

Melaka(Malacca) was a small fishing village not until it was discovered by Parameswara (Iskandar Shah), the last Raja of Temasek.  It was then colonized and developed to the present Malacca.

The lake at night

Where to stay?  We booked our accommodation from Booking.com and stayed at Jawa Street Townstay. We’re travelling in a group of 6, so we had a 3-bedroom unit for $150/night ($25/pax). Not bad since the location of this place is  walking distance to all the tourists spots.

Strolling along at night is safe and the people were friendly too, you can ask directions if you feel lost. We arrived around 6pm and first on our list is Jonker Walk. 11986328_10153562683096341_6738650385535711633_n

We are welcomed by the colorful Trishaw as we reach the starting point at Jonker Street.


25 MYR per 20 minutes ride

Jonker Street is a food haven. Varieties of food is available, name it. You can find it here. From dumplings, to fried squid to Tokoyaki and a lot more.

Shops offering antiques, clothes, souvenirs and anything under the sun is also present along Jonker street.

We spent the rest of the night at one of the local bar enjoying some local beer and home music, catching up while waiting for this artist to finish our portrait.


He does his art for 20MYR


We started our day 2 by having a sumptuous breakfast at one of the cafe at Heeren Street.

Next stop, is the historic landmarks, around the area like the Stadhuys, A Famosa, and Church of St. Paul.

Stadhuys is famous due to its red exterior. It was built by the Dutch in 1600 and served as the office of the Dutch governor. History and Ethnography museum is also present beside the Christ Church Melaka. Our trishaw driver said that during the construction of this place, the workers were chewing Betel nut seeds and they spit it in the cement that’s why it became red. Not sure if that story is legit though.

Christ Church was built by the Dutch after they take over Melaka from the Portuguese in 1700 to celebrate the century of the Dutch occupation.


Porta de Santiago

A’Famosa is a Portuguese fortress, the settlement was used to sprawl across the hillside but now only its original gate called Porta de Santiago remains. Control in A’ Famosa has been changed many times during the 16th century, from the Portuguese to the Dutch down to the British.


Across the street is the St. Francis Xavier Church. It was built by the Portuguese in 1800. Modeled after the Cathedral of St. Peter in France. This church was built in honour of the catholic missionary named, St. Francis Xavier.

Well, Melaka trip will not be complete if you don’t get to have a photo ops on these beautiful wall arts.


Due to time constraint, we weren’t able to visit all the “must go” places in Melaka. We’ll definitely be back soon.

Budget per pax

$45.00 Roundtrip ticket to Melaka from Singapore

$25.00 Accommodation for 1 night

$50.00 Budget for food and souvenirs (It depends on how much you really want to spend on your trip. $50.00 (150 MYR) is really more than enough.

Total: $120

Happy Travels Chirpy Friends!




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