Budget Travel Guide: Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, being Malaysia’s capital is one of the list of places to visit in South East Asia. Well, our main purpose in travelling our way to KL is to see the Petronas Twin Tower, Visit Batu Caves and enjoy the rooftop bar while indulging ourselves with the city lights and few drinks.

A 5 hour ride from Singapore, you can book your tickets at  BusOnlineTicket.com for $45 round trip or you can choose to travel by plane for $65 round trip flight. We wanted to try both. We left Singapore at midnight by bus and took plane the following day.

We arrived in KL around 5 in the morning, luckily the accommodation that we booked allows early check in for as long as the place is ready and available. We stayed in a 3BR  Suite Apartment in Bukit Bintang for $161/night. The place is just nice for our group, we are travelling in a group of 6.  We booked our accommodation through AirBnb.

We rested for a while before we went out to start our adventure. We had Japanese cuisine for lunch at KLCC.

After lunch, we took train going to Batu Cave. You can purchase your ticket at KLCC for RM 2.00(one way ticket from KL Sentral to Batu Cave).

Upon reaching the last station, a big statue of a monkey like human welcomes us. He is said to be Lord Vanara  Hanuman. Vanara Hanuman is a Hindu God. He was believed to be the reincarnation of Shiva. A follower of Ramayana. KL8KL9

Few steps after the statue of Lord Hanuman lies one of the most famous Hindu shrine, it is also the focal point of  Hindu festival of Thaipusam – The Lord Murugan Temple. It is a 272 steep steps before you reach the temple. A huge statue of Lord Murugan will welcome you as you reach the starting point.


Upon reaching the top, you’ll see the Art Gallery Cave, Museum Cave and the Cathedral Cave or the Cave Temple. Macaques are also residing on top, be very careful with your things specially, sunglasses, water bottles and food as they have the tendency to snatch them. When you visit with small kids, be extra cautious as these monkeys are very territorial and may pose a biting hazard.

You can also explore the Dark Cave with a tourist guide for RM 35, it is a 45 minutes exploration where you can encounter a wide array of animals, see limestone formation, stalagmites and stalactites.

Batu Cave is a sacred place, observe proper dress code. Shorts and Skirts above the knees is not allowed. Cover cloth is available for rent at RM 2.

KL17You can enjoy fresh coconut juice while feeding the pigeons after you visit the cave. Food stalls is also available.


After our Batu Cave exploration, we took the train back to KLCC. Just in time for the sunset to watch the Petronas Tower light up. You can purchase your tickets to the Skybridge and Observation deck for RM85.

Petronas Twin Tower serves as the landmark of Kuala Lumpur. It is the tallest tower in the world since 2008 consisting of 88 floors.

What else is the best way to end the night? and that is enjoying the view at one of the famous roof top bar in KL.

This country takes retail therapy seriously by having the presence of big box retailers, high street brands, and local boutiques at their 8 major mall, every girl will go crazy. From Topshop, H&M and Forever 21 to Jimmy Choo, Coach, Kate Spade and Coach.



$26.50 1 way bus to KL

$40 1 way flight ticket to Singapore

$27 1 night accommodation

$70 (RM 208) Budget for food, souvenir and transportation in KL

TOTAL: $163.50


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