Cameron Highlands: The Green Carpet of Malaysia

Are you yearning for an off time out of the busy street of the city, hot weather and stressful life? Well, there is a place that you can go and unwind. Situated between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh lies Cameron Highlands or popularly known as the green carpet of Malaysia.


Cameron Highland was named after its founder William Cameron, a British expedition leader who discovered Cameron Highlands during his expedition in 1885. From then on, this place became interesting to lots of tourist. Due to its high location, the temperature here is cooler than the rest part of Malaysia. During daytime the temperature ranges from 25-20 degrees C and drops below 20 degrees C during night time.

Its chilly weather makes it suitable for cultivating tea and Cameron Highlands soon grew out to be the biggest cultivator of tea in Malaysia. Besides the tea plantations, Cameron Highland is also the home of the biggest flower called Rafflesia. This flower is seasonal though that’s why you need to check it with the tour company before you go and trek to see it.

The two biggest tea plantation in Cameron are BOH Tea Plantation and Bharat Tea Plantation. BOH on the other hand is more popular because of its hanging glass café, overlooking the wide green carpet.


During the early time, they use hands in plucking and choosing high quality of leaves but as time went by, their system developed and now machines are available for easier and faster production of teas.

Other places that you can visit aside from the Tea Plantations  while in Cameron Highlands are The Mossy Forest, Strawberry Farm, Lavender Farm, and Cactus Valley. You can also join trekking tours, stroll at the weekend night market and visit the Bee Farm, Butterfly and Insect Farm.



13333015_10154141389351341_753658361107174532_nSucculent Plants are available for as low as 4 per 10RM


You can also spent your afternoon at The Lakehouse, enjoying high tea while reading a good book.

If you are an early riser, you can book a tour and witness the magical moment as the horizon unfolds right at your very eye while sipping a cup of coffee. I booked mine with Titiwangsa Travel and Tours for 65RM

The people are humble and kind. Simplicity is present on every corner of this place. Make sure to have enough cash when visiting Cameron Highland because, there are only few ATM machines in the area and they rarely use credit cards as mode of payment.


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