Borobudur Temple: The Greatest Buddhist Monument In The World


One of the most breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage sites in Asia

Aside from the pristine beaches and awesome activities Yogyakarta is known, Yogyakarta is the home of the biggest Buddhist temple in the world – The Borobudur temple.

Borobudur is the reason why I wanted to visit Yogyakarta. It was a long weekend in Singapore and that means it will be challenging to find a budget flight going to Yogyakarta, time is our number 1 enemy this time. We have to consider the best time to travel and make the most out of our time in Yogyakarta. So, instead of getting a direct flight, my friend and I took 2 different flights.

We left Friday, after work. Our flight via LionAir going to Jakarta departs at 9pm. It was an hour flight going to Jakarta and our next flight via AirAsia to Yogyakarta will depart at 5am.

There’s no decent place to stay in Soekarno Hatta International Airport during wee hours but there are many budget hotels/hostels nearby where you can stay. We stayed at Ibis Budget Hotel. It was 10 minutes away from the airport and they do offer free shuttle to and from the airport. Two thumbs up cause we were able to save few bucks for the transport plus we also had free buffet breakfast before we checked out.




Borobudur temple was built during the 9th century. It is consists of nine platforms, 504 Buddha statues, 72 of which surrounds the central dome. Each Buddha seated inside a perforated stupa.


We visited Borobudur on our second day in Yogyakarta. For some people, they prefer to arrive at the site by 4 in the morning to wait for the Sunrise. Borobudur sunrise can only be arranged with Manohara Hotel. They will give you special pass to access the temple by 4:30 am. The rate is 450,000 IDR for Foreigner and 325,000 IDR for locals and the rate is inclusive of light breakfast.

If you want to watch the sunrise but doesn’t want to pay that much, you can go to Pethuk Setumbu Hill. It is several kilometers away from the temple and will provide you a bird’s eye view of the temple.

In our case, we left our hostel at 6 in the morning, just in time to enter the temple by 8am with less crowd. The weather was gloomy too and I bet Mr. Sun is not really on the mood to show off.


Visiting  one of the UNESCO Heritage site gave me some Goosebumps. I can’t exactly describe what I felt. 



Need help for your visit?

You can visit Yogya Backpacker site for more information and you can arrange your tour with Roni. It was my first time to book a tour with him and I was impressed of the outcome. They do have group and private tour available.


Temple Entrance: 100,000 IDR (Special rate, I guess. But I have no idea why)

Parking Fee: 10,000 IDR


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