Pantai Timang: Gondola Ride


Are you ready for some crazy and dangerous adventure? Well, do it at your own risk when visiting one of the beaches that local doesn’t tell you about. – Pantai Timang or Timang Beach, located at the Southern part of Wonosari in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, approximately, 35 km from downtown Joja. This region is home to the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta. Reaching this island is a bit challenging due to the rocky road and there are no signposts available.


When we visited this place, we parked our service car at the drop off point and took motorcycle to the cliff for an easier and faster way to see the sunset. It was a 3km 15 to 20 minutes bumpy ride. Upon reaching the top, an exotic place with a nice view, quiet and peaceful welcomes us. We spent few minutes in awe of exploring the place. High and strong waves, birds chirping, fresh breeze…gaaahh! This is life.


Then we decided to brave the waves using the traditional gondola. Traditional gondola is a simple wooden box equipped with several pulleys and ropes. How safe it is? Well then, it is pretty safe. The tourism council made sure that the maintenance of the gondola is well kept and they do change the ropes regularly. It is manually pulled by 5-7 men who work in team, pulling the ropes as they send tourists to the next island.



These gondolas are the only means of transportation used by the lobster collectors from Timang Beach, where it is believed the best spot for lobster habitat to Watu Panjang Island. We stayed to watch the Sunset, and it’s one of the beautiful scene I’ve ever seen.



Need help for your visit?

You can visit Yogya Backpacker site for more information and you can arrange your tour with Roni. It was my first time to book a tour with him and I was impressed of the outcome. They do have group and private tour available.




250,000 IDR for the gondola ride

50,000 IDR for the taxi motor (roundtrip)




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